What should people learn from this film?

The Defense Department released a propaganda Film during the Cold War in 1962. Red Nightmare is a film that captures the ideal American citizen and his responsibilities and frightens the American public in the Soviet Union. Using the Twilight Zone narrative style, the host, Jack Webb, tells the story of a father named Jerry and his "all-American family" waking up to find their town under Soviet influence. Throughout the beginning of the film, we see Jerry's attitude towards his parental and civic obligations, such as attending the Parent-Teacher Meeting, labor unions, and participating in the Armed Reserve training, of which Jerry appears to be content because it is his CHOICE. According to the film, his behavior, abusing his "freedoms" and "privileges" as an American, is unacceptable. The next scene appears in Jerry's Nightmare-dream, where he is awakened to the truth of the communist power of his city.
Historically Important Points:
What are the most important points of this film?
As Jerry discovers the communist influence of American life, the film reveals the various aspects of American society. His happy family seems to be algid and brainwashed. A military official, Jerry's daughter's intended fiancé, barges through his front door for Linda, who volunteered for farm work as a member of the Young Communist League. "Daddy, it's true, daddy. I did volunteer for farm work. The Party convinced me that I should free myself of the lingering Bourgeois influences of family life."
When Donovan see's his daughter taken away by the very man, he denied his daughters hand in marriage to, the text becomes palpable. It is no surprise that Donovan's behavior changes dramatically after he wakes up from his nightmare. The film ends with colorful scenes from the Liberty Statue, the national parks, picnics, marriage ceremonies and graduations. At the same time, the narrator reinforces a message of freedom of speech, freedom of religion and privacy – rights that the Americans seem to take for granted in the musical setting of all four army branches. "Compulsions are a privilege, an integral American right, the power of our country, a brilliant promise of a free world based on the commitment of individual Americans. Citizens who guarantee freedom by standing ready to combat violence. Against Communist efforts, enslaving the world - preventing Communism from freely destroying the universe."
Historical References to Look Out for:
What does this film tell us about this period in American history?
Red Nightmare was at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis when the tension between the Soviet Union and the United States was a testament to how insane life was during the Cold War. Donovan's faith is ultimately a death sentence imposed by a court of law based on statements made by officials he encountered and, most dramatically, a statement from his wife.
Donovan took the opportunity just before his execution to make a statement about Communism's evils: "You just tell your government that someday its own people are gonna get wise to it. Someday there's gonna be enough holes in that *Iron Curtain all of your people will be able to escape to freedom. You'll never be able to build a wall strong enough to hold him. My own countrymen once said you can't fool all of the people all of the time; believe me you communists can't keep fooling the entire world. You can't even keep fooling your own people because the news about Communism is getting around, but it's only another word for slavery…" Then Jerry gets shot. (*The Iron Curtain is a metaphor for the division between democratic Europe and communist Europe.)
Why was this film made? What did its makers want people who watched it to know or feel?
The goal of the Red Nightmare-to show a distinct advantage over the nature of Communism in a prosperous, capitalist nation, to ultimately shape public opinion against Communism. If all the people had the attitude that Jerry had, the Red Nightmare would spread Communism throughout the United States, where children would volunteer to work for the Communists leaving their families behind. You are not going to have freedom, and you would be told what to do. The Communists would have brainwashed people to hold on to Communist beliefs. The strong aim of these types of films was to hammer out a political argument at home, hoping that the message, to strengthen the serviceman’s faith in American heritage and to familiarize themselves with the dangers of Communism, would not be overshadowed by all the absurdities in the film. And while the "lesson" may have been exaggerated, the work still has the power to shock. Religion was used between the United States, the Christians and Russians, the non-Christians, as the Soviets converted the church into a soviet invention People's Museum. Following his final disobedience to the Stalin's-like museum director, Donovan was taken away. Donovan boldly picked up a phone, falsely displayed as a Russian invention, and declared that "This was not created by the Russian! The name of the man was Bell, Alexander Graham Bell, and he was an AMERICAN! I accidentally found a platform called Homeworkfor.me. I was surprised to see so many examples of synthesis questions. Everyone can have a look at them absolutely free.